I have always been a writer and editor. As a child, I noted typos in my middle-grade chapter books and penned letters of alarm to publishers identifying my finds. (Sadly, I did not receive any responses.) As an adult, I pursued work that maintained a close proximity to expression and communications.
Launching Acorn Consulting is a professional dream to combine my love of writing and passion for supporting others. It is part of a broad, rich life that I have developed outside of Philadelphia. 
My partner and I have two children and a zoo of animals in our home. We spend a good deal of time outside, do our best to slow down to smell the trail and give back when we can. 
Thank you for trusting your editing and writing projects with Acorn.

My partner in all things.


Buns is a 15 pound Flemish Giant, who has free range of the house and our hearts.


Just vote. It matters.


My glorious monsters.


I run often and slowly.


Community engagement has been a cornerstone of my professional career.


Pipsqueak (aka Squeaks), our pet hamster


Cleo and Beauregard - both Australian Labradoodles who love the trails as much as I do.


We take yard life seriously here.


Rex is 100% bearded dragon attitude.