Writing Services

Acorn Consulting brings 20 years of professional writing experience to every client project. Services vary greatly from project to project. A majority of Acorn clients choose to contract for hourly support following in depth conversations about the scope of their projects, timeline and strategic goals. 

The projects below are common examples of how Acorn Consulting supports clients. Could we help you with something different? We love a challenge! Let's talk!


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Private Grant Proposals

Grant proposals to private foundations are often intimidating for organizations, especially those without dedicated communications or development staff. Acorn can provide critical, experienced support to craft compelling narratives to private funders of any size. As organization staff explore and expand on personal relationships, Acorn is in the background strengthening the organization's strategic storytelling. 


What is more important than grant funding? Repeat grant funding. And strong reporting ---that provides meaningful insight to activities, challenges and successes --- is the path to repeat funding. Often time reporting gets the short shrift in an agency's schedule, but it's a powerful tool for advanced programs. Acorn can help you transform your reporting into powerhouse storytelling in a way that is repeatable and sustainable for your organization.

Planning Documents

Good ideas are only ideas until they are tied together in a plan. Acorn can help you wrangle the many great ideas your team has for a project, program or the organization in written form. With a special talent for analytical writing, Acorn can transform what feels overwhelming into a structure and a timeline based on your needs and priorities. Plans take special care to be easy to read and follow, have accessible visual elements (such as timelines) and provide clear lines of responsibility to team members. You make the decisions, we get it down on paper. 

Government Grant Proposals

The state and federal grant process is complex and involves numerous levels of an organization's staff and leadership, plus insight to complex metrics and evaluation techniques. Acorn provides narrative writing, data integration and assistance in shepherding the process from RFP announcement to submission.

Web Content Development

Is your website good or great? How long has updating its content been on your "to do" list? Websites are our best first impression and a strong, dynamic web presence provides value over time. Acorn can help you audit your web goals and needs and develop content that works for (not against) you. Clean, clear and professional content will pay dividends well beyond the investment today.

Case for Support

What is your "go to" document that explains why your organization or project matters? Do you have a central document that incorporates your vision, values, mission and goals? A carefully written Case for Support can be leveraged in dozens of ways to advance an organization's mission, from educating new board members to quick responses to simple grant requests to one-pagers for outreach events. Acorn can help you develop this essential tool and find creative methods for unleashing its potential in your work every day.