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Editing Services

Acorn provides high quality, personal editing services at competitive rates. Our 2022 Editing Rates are detailed below, as are industry standards.

Please contact Jayme directly for questions about rates and how we can work with your budget. To learn more about industry ranges, visit the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA). Jayme's EFA directory listing can be found here.

A sample edits up to 1,000 words is provided upon request and encouraged for larger projects.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is the Big Picture review of your manuscript. This thorough read of a polished first draft provides an in depth look at all the elements of your writing. 


Fiction edits dive deep into elements such as character arcs, pacing, dialogue, and voice. Non-fiction developmental editing digs into areas of structure, flow and context. 

Developmental editing can be applied to your whole manuscript or segments. Acorn provides a comprehensive developmental edit summary upon completion, with concrete and specific areas of strength and improvement.

EFA Standards: $46-50/hour (fiction)

Acorn 2022 Rate: $45/hour

EFA Standards: $51-60/hour (nonfiction)

Acorn 2022 Rate: $50/hour

Line Editing

A quality line editor helps your voice find a clarity and ease that appears effortless to the end reader. Line by line, Acorn will help you hone your own personal writing style through word choice, syntax, sentence structure, and the use of imagery and emotion.

As the developmental edit focuses on big picture, the line edit brings it down closer to tighten the text. Is the pacing logical? Does it flow? Does your syntax contribute to or detract from the reader's experience?

EFA Standards: $46-50/hour

Acorn 2022 Rate: $45/hour

Copy Editing

Copy editing is the tune-up of the words, punctuation and structure of the writing itself. Acorn checks in on the basics: spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, word use, basic facts, inconsistencies within tense or points of view.

Copy editing tackles the embarrassing stuff you simply don't want to miss. Acorn provides a critical set of experienced eyes on the details with perfection as the standard.

EFA Standards: $36-40/hour (fiction)

Acorn 2022 Rate: $35/hour

EFA Standards: $41-45/hour (nonfiction)

Acorn 2022 Rate: $40/hour

Website Copy Editing

Strong web content is a must for businesses, nonprofits, and professionals. Web copy editing encompasses the proofreading of the text and a critical examination of the readability of your pages. Are they approachable to your defined audience? Repetitive or fresh? Dynamic in content or stale? Are there areas that need work or others that deserve center stage?

EFA Standards: $51-60/hour

Acorn 2022 Rate: $50/hour


It's time to press send to the publisher, agent or journal. But is it really ready? 

Proofreading is the final edit for any and all errors that remain in the text, from typos to layout flow. Proofreading provides critical oversight to the version prepared for print. Widows and orphans? Weird line breaks or inconsistent page numbers? Chapter titles that fail to match the table of contents? This is the stage to catch these pesky distractions and perfect your final product.

EFA Standards: $31-35/hour (fiction)

Acorn 2022 Rate: $30/hour

EFA Standards: $36-40/hour (nonfiction)

Acorn 2022 Rate: $35/hour

Academic Editing

Acorn provides support to academics and students at various levels of study. Whether it is a thesis, term paper, or journal submission, Acorn can provide a fresh set of eyes and critical perspective on the effectiveness of the writing.

Areas of expertise include: nonprofit management, health law, law and policy, psychology, mental health, humanities, and basic sciences.

EFA Standards: Range depends on project

Acorn 2022 Rate: $40

Standards & Strengths

Chicago Manual of Style

Blue Book

APA Publication Manual

AP Style

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MS Word (in-line edits), MS Power Point, MS Publisher, Adobe Actobat DC and In Design,

Wix, Canva

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